Mercedes W124

since 1985-1995 of release

Repair and car operation

W124 Mercedes
- Governing bodies and control devices
   Combination of devices
   Control bulbs
   Start and engine stop
   Instructions on driving
   Heating and ventilation
   Examples of adjustment of temperature and distribution of a stream of air
   Independent system of heating
   Air central air
   Automatic central air of air
   Closing and blocking of locks of a door
   Blocking of the lock of a back door from children
   Manual adjustment of provision of forward sitting
   Adjustment of provision of forward sitting with the electric drive
   Adjustment of provision of a steering wheel
   Adjustment of provision of the lower part of a back of forward sitting
   Armrest of forward sitting
   Armrest of back sitting
   Head restraint of back sitting
   Adjustment of head restraints
   Heater of back glass
   Seat belts
   Safety airbag
   Blocking steering column / lock of ignition
   Lighting switch
   Proof-reader of light of headlights
   Multipurpose switch of a steering column
   Rear-view mirrors
   Sun-protection peaks
   Heater of back glass
   Internal lighting
   Management of electric window regulators
   Parking brake
   Mechanical transmission
   Automatic transmission
   Switch of an operating mode of an automatic transmission
   System cruise control
   Drive on four wheels (4 MATIC)
   System of production of the fulfilled gases
   Car identification
   + Weekly checks and service in a way
   Main sizes
   Control sizes
+ 2. Maintenance (diesel engines)
+ 4. Repair of 6-cylinder petrol SOHC engines
+ 5. Repair of 6-cylinder petrol DOHC engines
+ 6. Repair of the diesel engine established in the car
+ 7. Major maintenance of engines
+ 10. System of injection of BOSCH CIS-E fuel (KE-JETRONIC)
+ 11. System of injection of BOSCH HFM fuel
+ 12. Fuel system of diesel engines
+ 13. Fuel system of diesel engines
+ 15. System of ignition of 4-cylinder petrol engines
+ 16. System of ignition of four-cylinder petrol engines
+ 19. Mechanical transmission
+ 20. Automatic transmission

Automatic central air of air


Automatic central air of air works only at the working engine.

1–Handle of installation of temperature

2–Management buttons:


Supply of air up or down.

Normal mode.

Economic mode.

It is switched off (intake of air) is closed.

3–Buttons of management of air streams:

Maximum stream of air.

Automatic adjustment of a stream of air.

Minimum stream of air.

4–Button of a retsirkulyatsiya of air

5–The handle of adjustment of a stream of the air submitted through nozzles


7–The handle of adjustment of size of a stream of the air submitted through lateral nozzles

8–Lateral nozzle

Management of heating, cooling and distribution of streams of air in salon of the car is made automatically.

The direction and size of a stream of the air submitted through central and lateral nozzles can be regulated. At work of automatic central air of air completely close lateral windows and the hatch. Lateral and central a nozzle 6 and 8 do not close completely.

At inclusion of external lighting symbols of buttons of management are highlighted. By button pressing the symbol is highlighted more brightly.

Temperature adjustment.

Turn of handles of adjustment of temperature establish desirable temperature in salon the car. It is recommended to establish temperature 22 ° to Page.

If air temperature is not regulated, means, in system there is a malfunction and it is necessary to establish handles of adjustment of temperature in the situation MIN or MAX.

MIN – heating is switched off

MAX – heating is included

For elimination of malfunction it is necessary to address on Mercedes-Benz service station.

Air circulation.

By pressing the lower part of the button the system of air circulation joins and on the button the control bulb lights up.

If the unpleasant smell gets into salon of the car, switch off the air circulation button.

At high temperature of external air automatic system кондициони the rovaniya includes a circulation mode, and air in salon is quicker cooled.

The air circulation system автоматичес ки is switched off in 30 minutes if the temperature of external air is higher 7 ° With and in 5 minutes if the temperature of external air is lower 7 ° than Page.

The system of air circulation cannot be included by pressing of buttons of freezing 24 or is switched off 28.

Economic mode – ventilation.

Normal mode – cooling.

Normal mode.

Depending on temperature of external air, the air submitted to salon of the car, is warmed up or cooled.

The cooled air moves only through the central and lateral nozzles 6 and 8.

Warmed-up air moves mainly in the lower part of salon of the car.

Warmed-up air also periodically moves through nozzles 6.

Duration of supply of air to glasses of the car excludes their zapotevaniye.

At low temperature of external air in car salon air starts to move only after warming up of cooling liquid.

Economic mode – ventilation.

Normal mode – cooling.

Economic mode.

The economic mode corresponds to a normal operating mode, but thus there is no cooling (economy of fuel).

Supply of the cooled air up and down.


This mode is used, if the windscreen misted over from within or is covered with hoarfrost. The system can work both in normal    , and in economic    modes.

Warmed-up air moves to a windscreen, in the lower part of salon of the car and to lateral glasses.

Periodic supply of warmed-up air also is carried out from the central snuffled 6.

The cooled air moves from all snuffled.

Supply of warmed-up air up and down.

Supply of air in the top and lower part of salon of the car.


By button pressing    irrespective of position of the lever of installation of temperature and the provision of switching of size of a stream of air the maximum quantity of warmed-up air moves to a windscreen and through lateral nozzles 8 to lateral glasses.