Mercedes W124

since 1985-1995 of release

Repair and car operation

W124 Mercedes
+ Governing bodies and control devices
- 2. Maintenance (diesel engines)
   2.2. Periodicity of service
   2.3. Maintenance
   + 2.4. Each 9 000 km
   + 2.5. Each 58 000 km
   2.6. Each 12 months
   2.7. Each 3 years
+ 4. Repair of 6-cylinder petrol SOHC engines
+ 5. Repair of 6-cylinder petrol DOHC engines
+ 6. Repair of the diesel engine established in the car
+ 7. Major maintenance of engines
+ 10. System of injection of BOSCH CIS-E fuel (KE-JETRONIC)
+ 11. System of injection of BOSCH HFM fuel
+ 12. Fuel system of diesel engines
+ 13. Fuel system of diesel engines
+ 15. System of ignition of 4-cylinder petrol engines
+ 16. System of ignition of four-cylinder petrol engines
+ 19. Mechanical transmission
+ 20. Automatic transmission

2.2. Periodicity of service


Motor compartment of the diesel engine of 2,5 l
1–cover of a maslozalivny mouth;
2–щуп for measurement of level of oil;
4–a tank with brake liquid for brakes and coupling;
5–block of safety locks and relay;
6–broad tank;
7–top fastening of a rack of a forward suspension bracket;
8–casing of the air filter;
9–fuel filter;
10-pump of the amplifier of a steering;
11-control unit glow plugs;
12-oil filter;
13-tank of a stekloomyvatel;
14-ABS block;
15-box of the steering mechanism

Bottom view of a motor compartment
1–stopper plum of engine oil;
3–pump of the amplifier of a steering;
4–reception exhaust pipe;
6–stabilizer of cross-section stability;
7–bottom lever of a forward suspension bracket;
8–steering draft;
9–longitudinal steering draft;
10-shock-absorber of the steering mechanism;
11-box of the steering mechanism;
12-intermediate lever of a steering

Type of a back part of a body
1–reverse main gear;
2–bottom lever of a back suspension bracket;
3–exhaust system;
5–power shafts;
6–fuel pump;
7–fuel filter;
8–pressure accumulator;
9–longitudinal draft;
10-cross-section draft;
11-draft of a torque

In order that your car was in a fine condition, it is necessary to carry out its maintenance periodically. Service is necessary for carrying out as constantly, and through certain intervals which are brought below. These are the minimum intervals of service recommended by the management.

If the car is maintained under trying conditions, in particular in the dusty district, with trailer towage on small speeds or on short trips, it is recommended to make maintenance more often.

Weekly or each 400 km

• Check the following elements:

– oil level in the engine;
– level of cooling liquid;
– level of brake liquid;
– availability of water in a tank of a stekloomyvatel;
– condition of the accumulator, tires, screen wipers and all bulbs.

Each 9 000 km

• Replace engine oil and the oil filter.

Each 18 000 km

In addition to all points for an interval of 9 000 km execute the following.

• Replace engine oil and the oil filter.
• On models with a body the Versatile person check liquid level in a control system of a being self-leveled back suspension bracket.
• Check oil level in a transmission.
• Check all components under a cowl and hoses with liquids.
• Check a condition and a tension of auxiliary driving belts.
• Check coolant level in air central air.
• Check turns of idling and grease draft of a butterfly valve.
• Check a steering and suspension bracket components.
• Check a condition of protective covers of power shafts.
• Check a condition and thickness of forward brake shoes.
• Check a condition and thickness of back brake shoes.
• Check operation of the hand brake.
• Check a condition of an exhaust system.
• Check oil level in the main reverse gear.
• Check a condition of rubber couplings of the driveshaft.
• Check a condition and work of seat belts.
• Grease all hinges, locks and the aerial with an electric drive.
• Check and, if necessary, adjust light of headlights.
• Check work of screen wipers and replace screen wiper brushes.

Each 58 000 km

In addition to all points for an interval of 18 000 km execute the following.

• Replace filtering element of the air filter.
• Replace the fuel filter and the filter established on the fuel pump.
• In an automatic transmission replace transmission liquid and the filter.
• Check a condition of overlays of a disk of coupling.

Each 12 months irrespective of run

• Replace brake liquid.

Each 3 years irrespective of run

• Replace cooling liquid.