Mercedes W124

since 1985-1995 of release

Repair and car operation

W124 Mercedes
+ Governing bodies and control devices
+ 2. Maintenance (diesel engines)
+ 4. Repair of 6-cylinder petrol SOHC engines
+ 5. Repair of 6-cylinder petrol DOHC engines
+ 6. Repair of the diesel engine established in the car
- 7. Major maintenance of engines
   7.2. General information
   7.3. Recommendations about engine removal
   7.4. Removal and installation of 4-cylinder petrol engines
   7.5. Removal and installation of 6-cylinder petrol engines
   7.6. Removal and installation of diesel engines
   7.7. Sequence of dismantling of the engine
   + 7.8. Analysis of a head of the block of cylinders
   + 7.9. Assembly of a head of the block of cylinders
   7.10. Removal of pistons with rods
   7.11. Removal of a cranked shaft
   7.12. Block of cylinders of the engine
   7.13. Pistons and rods
   7.14. Cranked shaft
   7.15. Survey of radical and shatunny bearings
   7.16. Engine balance of assembly at major maintenance
   7.17. Installation of piston rings
   7.18. Installation of a cranked shaft
   7.19. Check of a working gap of radical bearings
   7.20. Installation of a cranked shaft
   + 7.21. Installation of pistons with rods
   7.22. Engine start after major maintenance
+ 10. System of injection of BOSCH CIS-E fuel (KE-JETRONIC)
+ 11. System of injection of BOSCH HFM fuel
+ 12. Fuel system of diesel engines
+ 13. Fuel system of diesel engines
+ 15. System of ignition of 4-cylinder petrol engines
+ 16. System of ignition of four-cylinder petrol engines
+ 19. Mechanical transmission
+ 20. Automatic transmission

7.5. Removal and installation of 6-cylinder petrol engines


1. Remove a transmission.
2. Remove the bottom mudguard of the engine.
3. Merge from the engine engine oil.
4. Merge cooling liquid from cooling system.
5. Remove the air filter.
6. Unscrew a cover from a tank of the amplifier of steering system and, using a syringe, pump out the maximum quantity of liquid, then establish a cover into place.
7. At existence unscrew and disconnect pipelines from the pump of the amplifier of a steering.
8. Remove pipelines from arms on the engine.
9. At existence unscrew the compressor of central air of air from the engine and move it aside, without disconnecting from it pipelines.
10. Remove pressure in fuel system.
11. On models with the DOHC engine remove the loose leaf from under an arch of the left wheel, then unscrew and remove маслопрово ды from an oil radiator.
12. Unscrew connecting nuts and disconnect submitting and returnable топливопроводы. Disconnect returnable топливопровод from a regulator of pressure and submitting топливопровод from the distributor of fuel or a bringing tube.
13. Disconnect an accelerator cable from the butterfly valve lever.
14. Mark and disconnect from the engine hoses of supply of cooling liquid, vacuum hoses and electric sockets. Release a plait of wires from brackets of fastening or arms in a motor compartment.
15. On the engine from a flywheel unscrew the sensor of turns of a cranked shaft, take electric wires of the sensor from brackets of fastening and fix the sensor in a motor compartment so that not to damage it at carrying out further works.
16. Disconnect the electric socket of the sensor of a detonation from the ignition block on the panel of the left wing, then take a plait of wires of the sensor from brackets of fastening and arrange wires across the engine.
17. On models with an automatic box unscrew pipes of transmission liquid from the heat exchanger.
18. Weaken a collar and remove a hose of supply of cooling liquid to a heater from the left back part of a head of the block of cylinders.
19. Unscrew a connecting nut and remove a vacuum hose of the vacuum amplifier of brakes from an inlet collector.
20. Hook on the engine slings грузоподъ the emny mechanism and raise so that the weight of the engine was perceived by the load-lifting mechanism.
21. Establish a steel or cardboard sheet between a back part of a head of the block of cylinders and a partition of a motor compartment to exclude damage when lifting engine.
22. In summary check that all hoses, pipes and electric sockets are disconnected from the engine.
23. Working under the car, from two parties of the engine unscrew the bottom bolts of fastening of support of the power unit.
24. Being careful, take the engine from a motor compartment. At engine extraction, if necessary, incline and turn it so that it did not damage a motor compartment.


1. Installation is made in sequence, return to removal, taking into account the next moments.
2. At engine installation if necessary incline and turn it so that it was established into place, without having caused harm.
3. Tighten all bolts and nuts of fastening the demanded moment.
4. According to earlier made marking connect all hoses and electric sockets to the engine.
5. Connect and, if necessary, adjust an accelerator cable.
6. Establish an auxiliary driving belt.
7. Establish a radiator and the radiator fan.
8. Establish a transmission.
9. Fill in in the engine engine oil, and in cooling system - cooling liquid.