Mercedes W124

since 1985-1995 of release

Repair and car operation

W124 Mercedes
+ Governing bodies and control devices
+ 2. Maintenance (diesel engines)
+ 4. Repair of 6-cylinder petrol SOHC engines
+ 5. Repair of 6-cylinder petrol DOHC engines
+ 6. Repair of the diesel engine established in the car
+ 7. Major maintenance of engines
   9.2. General information
   9.3. The air filter and a filtering element
   9.4. The block of adjustment of temperature of air arriving in the engine
   9.5. Fuel pump
   9.6. Fuel level sensor
   9.7. Fuel tank
   9.8. Accelerator cable
   + 9.9. STROMBERG 175 CDT carburetor
   + 9.10. PIERBURG 2E-E carburetor
   9.11. Removal and carburetor installation
   9.12. Inlet collector
   9.13. Heater of an inlet collector
+ 10. System of injection of BOSCH CIS-E fuel (KE-JETRONIC)
+ 11. System of injection of BOSCH HFM fuel
+ 12. Fuel system of diesel engines
+ 13. Fuel system of diesel engines
+ 15. System of ignition of 4-cylinder petrol engines
+ 16. System of ignition of four-cylinder petrol engines
+ 19. Mechanical transmission
+ 20. Automatic transmission

9.2. General information

The power supply system fuel consists of the STROMBERG or PIERBURG carburetor, a fuel tank, the mechanical fuel pump, fuel pipelines, the air filter and the fuel filter of the cartridge type established in a fuel tank.

On the Sedan models the fuel tank is located before a luggage compartment, and on the Versatile person models is located under a trunk floor.

Fuel from a fuel tank via the fuel filter and the pipeline gets the fuel pump and further under pressure moves in the poplavkovy chamber of the carburetor. The float and the needle valve regulate fuel level in the poplavkovy chamber. Surpluses of fuel on returnable топливопроводу come back to a fuel tank.

The air filter established on a cover of a head of the block of cylinders or on the carburetor, contains a replaceable filtering element. In front of the air filter the temperature regulator with a zaslonka is established. The temperature regulator maintains temperature some air arriving in the engine at an optimum level because the zaslonka operated by a temperature regulator, provides or receipt in the engine of cold air, or the air which has been warmed up by a final collector.

At cars supply of fuel at start of the cold engine and turns of idling cope with the STROMBERG CD T175 carburetor the delay valve. The valve consists from биметалличес which strips which heats up an electric current passed through it and operates vacuum in the case of a diaphragm of an operating zaslonka. At start of the cold engine the valve of a delay blocks vacuum to a diaphragm and the zaslonka remains closed. In the course of warming up of a bimetallic plate after engine start the vacuum gradually increases, and a zaslonka, opening, regulates idling turns. Also there is an electromagnetic valve, перекрыва yushchiya supply of fuel. This valve excludes operation of the engine after ignition switching off, and also limits the maximum turns of the engine, blocking supply of fuel if turns of the engine exceed the most admissible.

Turns of idling and giving of a toplivovozdushny mix at cars with the PIERBURG carburetor are regulated by executive mechanisms of a butterfly valve and an air zaslonka. Working parameters of engines to the controler ются the sensors established on the engine and connected with the electronic control device (ECU). At the turns of the engine exceeding turns of idling, the executive mechanism of an air zaslonka changes the provision of a zaslonka and, therefore, amount of the air arriving in the engine. At operation of the engine idling the executive mechanism of a zaslonka operates supply of fuel, changing the provision of a needle in an air jet. The ECU block, comparing turns of idling of the engine to a preset value, supports optimum turns of idling on all operational modes of the engine. As feedback in system of adjustment the potentiometer of provision of a butterfly valve is used.

Gasoline extremely fire - also is explosive, therefore it is necessary to show care at work on any part of fuel system.

Works on fuel system are necessary for making in well aired room for what it is possible to open all windows and doors for draft creation.

At work on fuel system do not use open fire, electric welding and tools, at work with which sparks can be formed. Check that in close proximity to a workplace there is a charged fire extinguisher.

For protection of eyes against fuel hit in them use points. At fuel hit on skin wash out this place a plentiful quantity of water.

The capacity in which there was a fuel, contains pairs of fuel and is potentially explosive.

At work with fuel system observe purity as the dirt which has got to channels of fuel system, can block them that will break normal operation of the engine.